New Class – The Psychical Researcher

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While at the convention earlier this month, someone mentioned the idea of the “Skeptic” of supernatural phenomena that was a mainstay of the late Victorian era. Where were they in Victorious? Well, many mortals are skeptics, but what about a player character class?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…The Psychical Researcher!

The Psychical Researcher

Class Prime: Intelligence

*Intelligence: A
*Wisdom: B
Dexterity: C


Profession: Psychical Research
History/Legend: Mythology
Prime (Wisdom and Dexterity)
Target rank 2

Supernatural Powers

Theme — “Skepticism” rank 6
Invulnerability +6 vs Mystic, +3 vs Attribute
Suppression Magick rank 3
Suppression Super-Movement rank 3
Suppression Strength rank 2


Dependent Mundane (Scientific Assistant)
Enemy: Golden Dawn
Phobia: Disbelief in SuperMankind
2X effect of Magick if it overloads Suppression or Invulnerability

Typical Equipment

Chalk and string
Kodak box-camera and flash
Rulers and measuring clamps
Chemical kit for local testing of substances
Magnifying glass

Psychical Researcher

Level Hit Points Power Slots Experience Points
1 CONx2 3 0
2 1D4+CON Adj. +1 1600
3 1D4+CON Adj. +2 3200
4 1D4+CON Adj. +3 6400
5 1D4+CON Adj. +4 12800
6 1D4+CON Adj. +5 25600
7 1D4+CON Adj. +6 51200
8 1D4+CON Adj. +7 102400
9 1D4+CON Adj. +8 204800
10 1D4+CON Adj. +9 409600

From your earliest days, the Supernatural world was in your thoughts. However, unlike many of your friends it wasn’t its possibilities that entranced you. No, it was the idea that intelligent people might believe that this sort of claptrap was real. Bad enough the hordes of spiritualists, table rappers, mediums, and other ilk that infested the scientific world of the 19th century, but now the emergence of the so-called “SuperMankind” led your disbelief into active loathing. You joined the Society of Psychical Research, and like most of your colleagues you were determined to use your mind to expose these charlatans for the frauds they were.

Oddly enough, you’ve had a lot of success in this regard, much better at pointing out the liars and cheats than your friends in the society. One of those SuperMankind tried to tell you that you weren’t actually discovering confidence artists, but instead that you were SuperMankind yourself! The cheek! Indeed, she insisted that it was your own Supernatural powers that were actively suppressing the powers and abilities of those around you in your disbelief. Madness, and merely an excuse to explain away their so-called powers fading away into nothingness. No, you know the truth…and will disprove any and all of these heroines in your wake!


If any of you give the class a try, let us know how s/he works out in play?

Genteel Magistrate

4 thoughts on “New Class – The Psychical Researcher

  1. Beyond the Supernatural RPG had a class of skeptic as an investigator. It was a class that could suppress real magic and psychic powers as well. It had the corny name of Nega-Psychic.

    1. BTS is one of those games I’ve always meant to try but Palladium complexity keeps me at bay. Other than a brief dalliance with Robotech in the 1980s. Agree, corny name but a fun concept!

      GM Mike

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