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No excuses, this post is late and I’m a humble cur. Still recovering from Tyler Comic Con and a stomach bug, but it’s given me some time to think. Below is a new supernatural power I’m going to be playtesting, and I’d appreciate any feedback.

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Clairvoyance: This is the power to see into the future, whether mere moments or perhaps years is dependent on the rank of the power and die rolls. For each rank of the power, a Clairvoyant may make a Wisdom attribute check with the Challenge Level being the level of the opponent. A successful roll gives the Clairvoyant a +1 to her Base to Hit, Saving Throws, and Armor Class for that combat scene. These stack if more than 1 rank is used successfully, but if the Clairvoyant breaks concentration (goes a combat round without attacking or attacks someone else) then the pluses are gone and the power resets. A hero can attempt Clairvoyance once per combat scene per rank, and they cannot be split among other targets as noted above. For non-combat usage, the effects of Clairvoyance are up to the GM, but I would suggest at least 4 ranks of the power for one to be able to see years into the future.

Example: The Vigilante Rook is facing the vicious vixen Mink on a London rooftop. Rook has 3 ranks of Clairvoyance, so he dodges for his first action in the round and uses his second action (Lightning Speed) to attempt to use his Clairvoyance. He makes his Wisdom check, and gains +1 to his attacks/Saves. He waits a round, dodges again and again uses the second round to use his Clairvoyance. The second round, his Wisdom check fails. Still dodging Mink’s claws, Rook uses Clairvoyance once again (third and last rank) and makes the successful Wisdom check. He’s used all 3 ranks of Clairvoyance, with +2 BTH, saves, and AC. Now that he has her measure, he attacks with the above bonuses!

Rook is one of my NPCs, and his power is to see several seconds in the future, thus allowing him to avoid attacks or preempt actions. No power in the Victorious rulebook really covered this, so I came up with the above. Give it a try, and let us know either here or on the Facebook page how it works out!

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