Victorious RPG

Gaslight street lamps pour fitful illumination through the fog-shrouded streets of Victorian cities. Menacing figures lurk in darkened alleyways. Desperate men with nothing to lose and the determination to take what they can from others, plot in secret.

Victorious is a Siege Engine™ Role-playing game set in a Victorian past that both was and was not. The latter Nineteenth Century of history exists side by side with the literary worlds of Sherlock Holmes, Count Dracula, the Steampunk Science of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, and Magicks both dark and mysterious. Victorious can be scaled to meet adventure with investigators of crime, defenders of society against evil monsters, and even mad scientists foiled by masked superheroes. It’s up to you to decide the story for your chronicles of Victorious!

Those familiar with the Castles & Crusades Fantasy Role-Playing game will find Victorious easy to understand and play. However, there are many options that give the game its own unique flair. Among these are:

  • Character classes that run the gamut of Fantastic Victoriana, from Contraptionists to Magicians, to Investigators and Mesmerists and more!
  • A system to create your own unique character if none of the template classes fit the ideas of your Chronicles. Supernatural powers, Shortcomings, Victory Points to give the Good their edge in a crisis, and much more!
  • Details of life in the Victorian era, with emphasis on London and New York City. Costs of living, incomes, and a wealth of weapons and equipment are provided to give your persona what he or she needs to battle evil in all its forms.
  • Vehicle data from the London hansom cabs to New York hackneys; to automobiles, trains, and airships as well as rules to create your own vehicles through Science or Magick!
  • Combat in all its forms, and how the Supernatural can impact both melee and missile combat. Carriage chase rules are provided as well as combat from trains to ships to the air also are provided.
  • Details on the life and lifestyles in the Victorian Era, both its lighter and darker sides. A list of British and Americans of note that intrepid players might encounter as they adventure in the world of Victorious.
  • Guidelines for moving the historical era for those wishing either time travel or another epoch for their game. World War II, The Modern Era, as well as a 2012 that the Scientific Romances of the Victorians imagined would be are all mentioned and given rules modifications for such safaris into the Chronoscape.
  • An individualized Magick system as well as rules to use the Castles & Crusades magic spells if desired. Conversions of characters from C&C and Victorious to each other’s rules are a snap and guidelines are given for such.
  • Non-player Victorians are provided as samples, from those champions of Good such as Sherlock Holmes to those of Evil such as Dracula, and even those of a Neutral bent such as Spring Heel Jack.
  • An introductory adventure where the death of Dr. Henry Jekyll is investigated and is not what it seems.

In short, everything a Genteel Magistrate (GM, the director of the game) needs to begin their own Adventures in the Age of SuperMankind!

Victorious, the newest core game powered by Troll Lord Games’ celebrated SIEGE engine, allows you to create a wild assortment of heroes, from the wickedly smart to the inhumanly powerful! Victorious can be scaled to meet adventure with investigators of crime, defenders of society against evil monsters, and even mad scientists foiled by masked superheroes.

To try out the game for yourself, download the Quickstart Rules complete with several pre-generated characters.