Plot Points…the reverse of Victory Points?


First my apologies for over 2 weeks without a post. There were extenuating circumstances, but in the end they are irrelevant. I am a humble cur.

Anyway, on to the topic at hand. As some of you may know, my wife and I are 2/3rds of the host triumvirate for the Save for Half podcast ( ) which is a podcast that covers old RPGs. Many moons ago on episode #8 we covered SuperBabes: The FemForce RPG (1993) and its rules system.

One of the niftier rules in the game was something called (unfortunately) “Bimbo Points.” Put simply this allowed a player character to get out of a jam by giving a bimbo point to the GM. This could then be used by the Game Master at a later date to inflict some sort of noncombat plot complication on the heroine; much like the comics the game is attempting to emulate.

While we deplored the name given to the concept, its stuck with me whenever I’ve thought of tweaking my Victorious House Rules document. Calling it Plot Points instead is both easier to use and is more indicative of its true purpose.

What I’m concerned about is if it’s redundant to the Victory Points system already in the game? Is it like peanut butter and chocolate? Or more like peanut butter and squash? Will they conflict?

Feedback is appreciated, either at the Facebook Victorious group or here on the page… 🙂

Happy VD everyone! Er…I mean Happy Valentine’s!


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