Private Rail Cars for All Occasions

Sorry to all and sundry that I’ve been AWOL, it’s been a rough couple of months at the Genteel Magistrate’s abode, with some deaths in our friends-family circle.

To make up for lost time, I’ll point you to a nifty set of private railroad cars, circa 1900-1930; with details for a carriage fit for anyone with the Wealthy skill as well as an “Adventurer’s Car” with weapons lockers, telegraphy rooms, and such like. Perfect for your Wealthy Contraptionist™ to provide for the group of heroes!

interior of a 19th century private rail car

It’s only $2 for the pdf, and is well worth it in our humble opinion!

Merry X-Men, and a Happy New Mutants to all;

Genteel Magistrate

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