Readying the Great God Pan

Hello all,

This will be quick, as I’m getting ready to run my Grim Victorious game for North Texas RPG Con. Due to CV19, I will be running it virtually. I’m hoping I can still keep the dark tone of the book it’s loosely based on (The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen), but we’ll see if I can translate this to online play.

The Great God Pan: a Grim adventure for Victorious

The players will be using pre-gens I provide, and a virtual biscuit to anyone who recognizes the names!

  1. Jennie Baxter
  2. Sexton Blake
  3. Peter Whimsey
  4. Flaxman Low
  5. Loveday Brooke.
  6. A. J. Raffles
  7. Thomas Carnacki

Hope everyone is well in these days of semi-quarantine,

Genteel Magistrate

One thought on “Readying the Great God Pan

  1. Not sure of all the names but AJ Raffles the gentleman thief by E W Hornung, and Thomas Carnacki the Ghost Finder created by William Hope Hodgson I definitely recognize

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