Clockwork Mondays: Week 9

Welcome back to our latest installment of the “Clockwork Mondays,” where we take the primary character(s) from the Capes & Clockwork “Superheroes in the Age of Steam” anthologies and post them here with Victorious game statistics. We’re almost at the end of our series, and we hope you’ll find a use for any or all of these characters in your home games. If any of the members of this rogue’s gallery sound interesting to you, then please visit the author pages for each post’s characters and let them know you enjoy their creations. Better yet, head over to Amazon, pick up a copy of Volumes 1 or 2 of the Capes & Clockwork books from Dark Oak Press and leave a review there if you’d like to see more!

Old Davy was a junior member of one of the modest street gangs in Cheapside. He made a few shillings breaking into stores or setting fires to shops where the owners didn’t pay their protection money. He wasn’t fond of physical violence, so he left that to his sister’s man Tommy the Bruiser. He got by, and had money at the end of the week for the gin shop, so what more could a bloke ask for?

One night he was sitting around with his own girl Cynthia, his sister Angie, and Tommy in a small doss house that only had a few rats. They were drinking, laughing and generally raising hell when there was a massive explosion, leveling the doss house and killing all within it.

It should’ve killed Davy too, but to his surprise he survived. So did his sister, his ladybird, and even that git Tommy. All appeared unhurt, but then they discovered their powers. Real powers, like the SuperMankind toffs and everything! Well, now, Davy thought — this certainly would change things! It did, and the four criminals started a crime spree that ended two weeks later when The Dancer and Unicorn caught them breaking into a jeweler’s shop in Piccadilly Circus. They went to jail, and then broke out only to be almost immediately taken back by Ironclad and Tempest. Another breakout led to another thrashing by the heroes or heroines, and finally David had enough.

The last time he was in prison he did his best to be a model prisoner, and vowed he was going to walk the straight and narrow from now on. To his shock, Dancer herself came to speak on his behalf to the magistrate and on her recommendation he was released. Since then he’s thought highly of the verdant vigilante, and has on occasion helped her out when Dancer’s found a use for his explosive skills. Alas, his sister and mates are still wedded to the criminal life, and he worries that one day he’ll be forced to use his powers against them.

Bomb is a typical cockney resident of the East End of London. He’s barely literate, though not stupid. It’s merely that he’s not been well educated. As such he puts on an act of bravado to hide his insecurity when around “Toffs” such as the Queens Knights. Despite this somewhat overbearing personality he is sincerely trying to reform himself. The authorities take a dim view of his activities, which due to his natural contrariness makes him even more a champion of justice than law and order.

Bomb wears a rough mask over his eyes that tie in the back of his head. His clothes are normal lower-class London wear save for a long black coat of quality make. He wears a black bowler hat with a fuse coming off the top, which he lights whenever going into combat to give the hat the appearance of a round “Bomb”.


Bomb, copyright Mike Stewart, art by Sarah White
Bomb, copyright Mike Stewart, art by Sarah White

Nom du Guerre: Bomb
Proper Name: David “Pretty Boy” Silverton

Strength: 13 (+1)
Dexterity: 11 ( + 0)
Constitution: 18 (+3)
Intelligence: 11 ( + 0)
Wisdom: 9 (+0)
Charisma: 13 (+1)
INIT: +0
Actions: 1 per round
AC: 10, +15 (Force Screen)
Defensive: +3 Mystical, +6 Temporal
Hit Points: 51
Level: 4
Alignment: Neutral

Victory Points: 1


Etiquette – Rank 1 (Crass)
History/Legend – Rank 1 (London)
Prime – Rank 3 (Constitution, Wisdom, Charisma)
Roguery – Rank 1

Supernatural Powers

Theme: Detonationism Rank 6
Blast – Rank 3 (2D8, 10 ft. radius, Dexterity save for half damage),
Force Screen – Rank 3 (+15 AC)
Invulnerability – Rank 3 ( + 3 Mystical, +6 Temporal)
Suppression – Rank  3 (Vision)

Etherealness – Rank 1
Keen Senses – Rank 2 (+5 Vision, X-Ray Vision)


Enemy (Special Branch)
Looking for a Broom Closet
Phobia (Hates Bullies)
Weakness (Double damage from water attacks)

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