Clockwork Mondays, Week 5

We’re now on our fifth installment of the “Clockwork Mondays,” where we continue to take the primary character(s) from the Capes & Clockwork “Superheroes in the Age of Steam” anthologies and post them here with Victorious game statistics, for your reading pleasure. We hope you’ll use any or all of them in your home games, and if they sound interesting to you please visit the author pages for each post’s characters and let them know you enjoy their creations. Better yet, head over to Amazon, pick up a copy of Volumes 1 or 2 of the Capes & Clockwork books from Dark Oak Press and leave a review if you’d like to see more!


Louis Archambault grew up with a strong-willed father who brooked no dreamers. Louis was only able to study the classical myths of the Greeks and Romans in the course of his mandatory studies, though he was deeply influenced by the conflicted heroism of many of the characters. He was railroaded into a practical profession as demanded by his father, working in his father’s offices as an accountant.

One afternoon at work, Louis had a strange experience which reignited his imagination and desire to do something beyond the ordinary to help others. Over the following months, he experimented with his new ability to create and control winds, and met a new friend Chiron with whom he quickly partnered to fight a new age of monsters as his idols did millennia before. He took the name “Aeolus” after a god of winds and fashioned himself a costume, while Chiron, his stalwart companion and half-mechanical centaur joined him in facing the strange, particularly the Gorgons, and the mystery of how ancient myth seemed to be repeating itself.

Aeolus creates winds which generally flow down his arms. He has manipulated objects, knocking aside attacks, catching falling people and things, and even flown using these abilities. He’s got some leadership ability and strategy, though he often defers to Chiron as the other is a former soldier with formal military training. He’s also fairly quick with numbers, remembering them, shifting them around, basic and moderately advanced math. He has tried and largely failed to use engineering knowledge to take advantage of his super ability.

His limitations are perceived largely in comparison to the much more accomplished Chiron. He generally has more to worry about than who came up with what idea or designed what machine, but the older man simply has more experience, and perhaps aptitude for heroics, engineering, leadership and fighting than Aeolus. While Aeolus can take initiative, he usually waits to take Chiron’s lead as a father figure more in line with what he’s always wanted. He’s also limited in his control of his powers; though this improves dramatically over the course of his adventures, it’s something he always struggles with as he reaches farther and farther, the fate of Icarus, flying too high, literally or figuratively, and losing it all.

Louis is 23, thin, dark haired and light eyed. He is generally a serious and bookish young man, but isn’t above letting loose a bit with the exploration of his supernatural powers. As Aeolus, his outfit is a lightly padded leather suit topped by an aviator’s helmet with a stylized “A” on a swirl of wind on his chest and a long coat billowing in the wind.


Aeolus, copyright John A McColley
Aeolus, copyright John A McColley, art by Sarah White

Nom de Guerre: Aeolus
Proper Name: Louis Archambault

STR: 12
INT: 15 +1
WIS: 11
CON: 17 +2 (Prime)
DEX: 21 +4 (Prime)
CHA: 16 +2 (Prime)

Init: +5
AC: 17
Defensive: –
Hit Points: 38
Level: 3
Alignment: Good
Victory Points: 1


Primes: (Constitution, Dexterity, Charisma)
Profession: Accountant

Supernatural Powers

Theme “North Winds” Rank 6
Blast 2d8
Lightning Speed
Psychokinesis Strength 20 – Rank 3
Super-Movement (Flight) 120 feet

Attribute – Rank 1


Enemy: Gorgon Sisterhood
Looking for a Broom Closet
Phobia: Unsure of Self
Secret Identity

Gorgon Sister copyright John A McColley
Gorgon Sister copyright John A McColley, art by Sarah White

Gorgon Sister

The Gorgon Sisterhood are Evil creatures whose vital statistics are:

Level: 2
Hit Points: 28
Armor Class: 12

Their prime attributes are: Constitution (18-20) and Dexterity (19-22).

Supernatural Powers

Entrap: Dexterity (“turn to stone” – 6 to Save)
Force Screen +10 AC (vs. missile only, 50% activation)
Super-Movement (Swinging and Grappling Snakes 60 feet)

They carry leather whips with hooks in them (1d4 damage, STR Entrapment of 1 with successful hit) along with normal women’s accessories such as purses, hats with veils, and parasols.

John A McColley author page:

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