Holiday Adventure: The Nights Before Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Steampunk Age of SuperMankind!

Emerging from the dubious dives of the Victorious offices, we bring you a holiday treat; a free adventure set in Victorian New York City. The Russian witch Baba Yaga is stalking the streets of Gotham, stealing children from homes, schools, and orphanages. To what end? Can the drawing nigh of the Yule celebration be connected to these kidnappings? What of the appearances of a white haired and bearded man in a flying sled, spotted in pursuit of the evil ogress? Only your noble band of adventurers and adventuresses can find out!

Check the Resources section of the site for the pdf “The Nights Before Christmas” along with a character sheet of Odin—sort of—and head off into some holiday fun and danger! 

Genteel Magistrate



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