Never Fear, Flashman Is Here!

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As a bit of fun for the New Year, here’s the Victorious statistics for everyone’s favorite coward, Harry Flashman. This star of the series of books by George MacDonald Fraser has this Victorian anti-hero cavorting all across the Victorian world, from the American Civil War and Wild West to the Taiping rebellion in China. Perhaps he could be moving through your chronicle, to interact with your heroes? *Thanks to Chris107 for pointing out the Horsemanship issue.

Nom de Guerre: Flashie

Proper Name: Ol’ Harry Paget Flashman

STR: 14          +1
DEX: 18          +3
CON: 16         +2
INT: 9
WIS: 10
CHA: 16         +2

Init:                 +3
Actions:          2 per round
AC: 13
Defensive:     +3 Temporal, +3 Mystical
Hit Points:      32
Level              1
Alignment:     Neutral (ish)


  • Etiquette, Polite & Crass
  • Firearms
  • Linguist rank 2 (English, French, Russian)
  • Melee
  • Primes: Strength, Constitution, Charisma)
  • Profession: Military Arts
  • Roguery
  • Thespian


  • Theme “Colonial Hero” rank 4
  • Invulnerability +3 temporal, +3 Mystical
  • Lightning speed rank 2
  • Luck rank 3 (cannot use for another’s benefit)
  • Attributes rank 1
  • Knack: Languages rank 2
  • Knack: Gifted Horseman rank 1


  • Dependent Mundane (wife)
  • Enemy: Count Ignatiev (Russian spy)
  • Fame
  • Phobia: Coward
  • Phobia: Must appear heroic in front of others
  • Watched: British Government
  • Weakness: alcohol, drugs 2X effect


Harry Flashman was a young bully who exceeded even the casual brutality of Rugby school (England) and was eventually expelled for drunkenness. After his expulsion, the young Flashman was looking for an easy life. He has his wealthy father buy him an officer’s commission in the fashionable 11th Regiment of Light Dragoons. The 11th, commanded by Lord Cardigan, later involved in the Charge of the Light Brigade, has just returned from India and are not likely to be posted abroad soon. Flashman throws himself into the social life that the 11th offered and becomes a leading light of Canterbury society. Unfortunately for him, the 11th under Lord Ragland has been sent to the Crimea to give wot for to Jonny Russkie!

The problem is, (and his secret) is that Flashman is a coward. He’s terrified of battle, and does his best to avoid such situations. His luck however not only saves him from death but somehow makes Flashman out to be a hero in the bargain. When terrified, his face becomes flushed red; which most people assume is anger or determination to fight. This is the last thing on his mind, but fate has many battles and heroic deeds for Harry Flashman…whether he likes it or not!

Appearance: Flashman is a large man, six feet two inches (1.88 m) tall and close to 13 stone (about 180 pounds or 82 kg). In Flashman and the Tiger, he mentions that one of his grandchildren has black hair and eyes, resembling him in his younger years. His dark coloring frequently enabled him to pass (in disguise) for a Pashtun or most any Middle Eastern or Latin peoples.

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