The ‘Fleetfoot’ Class

The following is an additional (unofficial) class that covers the ‘speedster’ of comic book fame, exemplified by such figures as the Flash and Quicksilver. It is a Victorian trope too, as noted in H. G. Wells’ short story “The New Accelerator” of 1901. As with the classes provided in the Victorious rulebook, the supernatural powers and attributes to be made as primes are mere suggestions and the final character is left to the design of the player and the approval of the Genteel Magistrate.


Attributes: Dexterity (A), Constitution (B), Wisdom (C)
Skills: Acrobatics, Primes, Targeting (extra speed to find a weakness)

Supernatural Powers:

Theme “Acceleration” rank 4

  • Armor (only when running) Armor Class of +18 rank 3
  • Lightning Speed (2 actions per round) rank 2
  • Might 1D10 (speeding fists) rank 2
  • Super-Movement (running)


  • Enemy: Doctor Gibberne
  • Poverty
  • Watched: Special Branch, UK government
  • Weakness: 2x damage from gasses (faster inhalation),
  • Weakness: 2x damage from sonics (vibration interference)

Experience Table

Level Experience HD Power Slots
1 0 CON x 2 3
2 1900 1D4 + CON adjustment +1
3 3800 2D4 + CON adjustment +2
4 7600 3D4 + CON adjustment +3
5 15200 4D4 + CON adjustment +4
6 30400 5D4 + CON adjustment +5
7 70800 6D4 + CON adjustment +6
8 141600 7D4 + CON adjustment +7
9 343200 8D4 + CON adjustment +8
10 566400 9D4 + CON adjustment +9

A life as an assistant to a scientist hadn’t been your first choice of a career, but at least you were able to escape the dull country home of your parents. It was occasionally even interesting, though most of the time you just cleaned beakers and swept the floor clear of failed experiments. Then one day your employer Doctor Gibberne created a drug he called The Accelerator. As his loyal assistant, you were obligated to try the first batch along with him. It was dangerous, but then again wasn’t all of science? To your astonishment, when the two of you drank the potion the world seemed to just…stop. It was as if everything froze in place! Then the doctor informed you that the world hadn’t stopped, the two of you were just moving so fast everyone else seemed still as statues. This was interesting for a while, but it palled quickly and it wasn’t too soon when the potion wore off.

Yet though Doctor Gibberne was ill but recoverable, you found you could move back and forth into that accelerated state at will! Your employer was happy at this, at first. Then you noticed his anger and resentment when he couldn’t discern why you were improved permanently and he wasn’t. In a fit of rage, he tried to kill you in order to dissect you! Not for that did you travel from Anglesea to the big city of London! You increased your speed and left the laboratory far behind. Now you use your powers to help others, but it would be nice to have a steady income again.

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