Blake’s 7 Victorious: Classes Part II

Here it is, the second part of the Victorious Blake’s 7 rules regarding classes. The four classes presented here are the Rebel, the Scavenger, the Technician, and the Trooper. With the classes already given in Part I earlier, this makes a total of seven classes for the B7 game; a coincidence? We think not! Take a look and give feedback if you wish. I like to tweak things before I start this chronicle of a dark future.

A Note on Classes:

The special abilities listed under each class are just that, and not skills. Skills can still be purchased as per the Victorious rules and all standard skills are available. Thus you can play a Pirate, and purchase Profession: Pilot Starship in order to create a Del Tarrant type figure…or purchase Roguery for a Vila-type Scavenger, etc.

Rebel (Constitution)

It is human nature to resist what they feel is oppression, and the rebel is all that and more. Rather than simply complaining, or engaging in passive resistance, the rebel knows that only striking back with everything you can will spell the end of tyranny. No half measures with a rebel, no nonviolent demonstrations, no recourse to the legal system; the rebel knows only with violence can justice be done!

Primes: Constitution
Hit Dice: D10

Level Experience HD BtH
1 0 1D10 +1
2 1501 2D10 +1
3 3001 3D10 +2
4 6001 4D10 +2
5 12001 5D10 +3
6 24001 6D10 +3
7 48001 7D10 +4
8 96001 8D10 +4
9 192001 9D10 +5
10 384001 10D10 +5

Inspire (Charisma): Rebels tend to be people with a firm belief in their calling, and often they can transmit this to those around them. With a successful Charisma check, the rebel can grant a combat bonus equal to their Charisma attribute bonus to their followers for one combat scene. This ability can be used only once per game session, and the rebel does not gain the combat bonus herself.

True Believer (Constitution): Rebels are full of the fire of their convictions. They know they’re right, and only they stand between the evil of the Federation and the chance for a free humanity to live as they were meant to live. As such, rebels gain an additional +2 to any mental saving throws if the force inflicting the save on the rebel is a known oppressor of the innocent; as far as the rebel is concerned.

Insurgent (Intelligence, Level 5): Rebels are separated from vandals in that they destroy with a goal in mind other than pure destruction for its own sake. As such, they have an ability to read their surroundings and gain a feeling for what targets are critical to the opposition’s power. With the Insurgent ability, the rebel chooses either a facility, a vessel, or a person and then makes their Intelligence check. If successful, the GM informs her player what the most important person or thing is in a given dome city, base, or space station. This is quite useful when striking at the Federation’s hold on a locale. This ability may be used once per game session at 5th level, twice at 10th level, and so on.

Scavenger (Wisdom)

In a universe full of corruption and decay, the little people have to take care of themselves. The rich and powerful use credits or the blaster to enforce their will. Those without either have to learn to find other ways of surviving. Sneaking, salvaging, and selling are the watchwords of the scavenger. She fights when she has to, runs when there’s no option, and sells whatever she can get her hands on. The Federation? They’re the law, and in this universe the law stands with the strong and rich. The rest of us…keep on keeping on until the big break. Or she’s dead, whichever comes first.

Primes: Wisdom
Hit Dice: D8

Level Experience HD BtH
1 0 1D8 +1
2 1201 2D8 +1
3 2401 3D8 +2
4 4801 4D8 +2
5 9601 5D8 +3
6 19201 6D8 +3
7 38401 7D8 +4
8 76801 8D8 +4
9 153601 9D8 +5
10 307201 10D8 +5

Appraise (Intelligence): The scavenger learns quickly what to keep and what to throw away, what is valuable and what is trash. With this ability the scavenger can determine the value of an item upon a successful Intelligence check. Even with a failure, unless it is a natural “1” they can still guesstimate (Wisdom check at –2) if an item is valuable or not, even if she can’t determine an exact value.

Hide in Shadows (Dexterity): The scavenger does his work when people aren’t looking at him. This frequently requires speed, knowledge of their surroundings, and most of all the ability to hide. With a successful Dexterity check the scavenger can disappear even if being actively searched for. Only searchers with technological or psychic aids can have a chance at finding the hidden scavenger, and those are at a negative modifier equal to ½ (rounded up) of the scavenger’s level.

Scrounging (Wisdom, Level 5): The Scrounging ability at Level 5 allows the scavenger to search a repair bay, junk yard, or other area full of gear and upon a successful Wisdom check (CL set by GM) they can find one item of real use in the game as determined by the GM. This ability can only be used once per area, and only once per game session.

Technician (Intelligence)

In a high technology society, there are always a strata of people whose keen intellect and ability with machines places them at a premium in society. These are the technicians, who program and maintain the computers, build and improve the starships, and push the boundaries of science in all its myriad forms. Often considered cold and machine-like themselves, they are the real sinews of the Federation and most worlds who have moved beyond superstition and into industrial revolutions. Yet even they can fall afoul of the Federation, be it for a simple mistake that they are held accountable for, a white-collar crime that went wrong, or a superior needing a scapegoat; and at such times their intellect is all that stands between them and a penal colony.

Primes: Intelligence
Hit Dice: D4

Level Experience HD BtH
1 0 1D4 +1
2 2201 2D4 +1
3 4401 3D4 +1
4 8801 4D4 +2
5 17601 5D4 +2
6 35201 6D4 +2
7 70401 7D4 +3
8 140801 8D4 +3
9 281601 9D4 +4
10 563201 10D4 +5

Scientific Mastery (Intelligence): The technician is a master of their chosen scientific field(s) as such, they gain a bonus equal to their BTH that can be applied to any use of a science skill, be it check or saving throw. For instance, a 2nd level technician gets a +1 to their science checks and saving throws. A 8th level technician gets a bonus of +3 to the same checks and saving throws.

Research (Wisdom): Part of the fields of science and scientific inquiry is the ability to research comprehensively on a given subject. Thus a technician with suitable computer resources (determined by the GM) can, upon a successful Wisdom check, gain an extra rank of information or effectiveness out of research. If trying to find out how to overcome a new Federation defense shield, the technician gains a rank of penetration advantage to said shield. If trying to discover someone’s scientific secrets, they gain an extra success on the check (2 successes or 2 ranks of success) and so on.

Ingenuity (Intelligence, Level 5): This ability is similar to the Invention package, but works slightly differently. It allows the technician to use a successful Intelligence check to modify an existing piece of technology to make it better. This is only usable once per game session, and a device that has been modified once due to Ingenuity cannot be modified again for 1d4 game sessions; determined by the GM.

Trooper (Strength)

Any empire needs soldiers, especially soldiers who don’t ask too many questions. Troopers are conscripted from across the worlds of Federation space, and are renowned for their harsh brutality; especially on rebels. They aren’t the smartest, but they are the best with a punch to a kidney or a broken leg…or a sucking chest wound from a blaster bolt. They get the job done, and though a few have attacks of conscience most are only too happy to follow orders and engage in legal carnage.

Primes: Strength
Hit Dice: D12

Level Experience HD BtH
1 0 1D12 +1
2 2001 2D12 +2
3 4001 3D12 +3
4 8501 4D12 +4
5 17001 5D12 +5
6 34001 6D12 +6
7 68001 7D12 +7
8 136001 8D12 +8
9 272001 9D12 +9
10 500001 10D12 +10

Rugged Training (Strength/Constitution): With this ability, a trooper can add +1d4 to any check involving Strength or Constitution once per game session. The trooper must state the use of this ability before the attribute check is made however.

Weapon Mastery (Strength): Troopers are familiar with all non-alien weapons and armor, and suffer no penalties for their use. This does not extend to shipboard weapons however.

Situational Awareness (Wisdom, Level 5): Troopers, especially section leaders and junior officers, are trained to keep aware of any potential combat situation and be ready for it. Since the Federation believes anything and everything is a combat situation, this gives troopers a uniquely paranoid view of the world around them. As such, troopers can add their Dexterity attribute bonus whenever checking for being surprised. They may also add their Dexterity attribute bonus (if any) to their initiative rolls for ground combat reactions.

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