Errata for the Victorious Rulebook

A man wearing a top hat and goggles points a fantastic-looking weapon at the viewerThe following isn’t comprehensive, but is based on issues players of the Victorious RPG have brought to my attention. If you’ve noticed any such rules issues that aren’t listed here, please feel free to send them my way or post in the comments section.


Victorious Errata

The following are points referenced by Victorious fans that need clarification. The document is split into two sections, with the first being certain points that need clarification and the second being elaborations of rules that work but are difficult to understand.

I. Clarifications

  • For determining experience points, the formula of “number of power slots times 100” should be “number of power ranks times 100”
  • The awarding of Victory Points currently implies that if characters don’t do anything overly-unheroic they automatically get a Victory Point. This should be clarified as the GM awards a vp in game whenever an extraordinary event happens and is resolved well by the hero(ine).
  • The Roguery skill should be clarified that the various sub-skills have variable attributes used for the rolls rather than simply Dexterity for everything. Players are suggested to either allow the Genteel Magistrate to arbitrate which attribute is used for a given skill, or use the Castles & Crusades Rogue skills as a baseline.
  • In the skills section, Charisma is listed as the attribute for the Fine Arts skill, and Wisdom is listed for the Thespian skill. This should be reversed.
  • As noted in the Castles & Crusades rules, a -4 unskilled penalty should have been included in the Combat section for use of weapons a hero is unskilled with.
  • A Perception skill is listed as a skill in the classes section, but there is no actual Perception skill in the rules. This should be removed as a recommended skill.

II. Elaborations

  • Prior Engagement: There is a word confusion in the description of results of the Prior Engagement test. The 3d4 result is based on the failure of the test made on the roll of a D20. In such a case, a failure of the roll means the heroine cannot join combat for 3d4 rounds due to the Prior Engagement. If the fail is a critical failure (i.e. a “1”) then the heroine cannot join this combat scene at all due to the PE.
  • Something that is inferred in the rules but not explained fully is that certain powers (Psycho-Kinesis, Telepathy, Magickal powers, etc.) all have an obvious effect when they are used. A corona of energy, a bolt of bright light, or some such is a given, and the specific effect should be determined by the GM and the player during character creation. Now, this doesn’t mean that a character concept with invisible supernatural power effects can’t be designed. However, in such a case the cost is an extra power rank as noted in the rules for things like blasts, Force Screens, etc.
  • Under the Bestiary section, change the Ghosts entry to have Telekinesis changed to Psycho-Kinesis

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