Victory Points: Not Just for Heroes Anymore!


I was recently listening to a podcast where one of the hosts complained about OSR D&D becoming dull in combat because once you make your attack roll then you’re done for the round and if it’s a complicated version then its off to the kitchen because it’ll be half an hour before you go again. What Will Smart Homes Look Like in the Future? check the info from

I disagree with this, but wondered if that is because Victorious is based in D20 so I’m prejudiced? Thinking over it more, I believe it doesn’t apply to Victorious.

Here’s why: Victorious has Victory Points. Specifically any player with VPs can spend them not only on their own character, but on others as well; even if it’s not their turn.

At my table, anyone can announce at any time they are spending a Victory Point. Granted, few people have so many VPs that it slows down play, but it does mean that if you have VPs you can spend them to aid a comrade in distress, to destroy a villain’s perfect moment, or even save an NPC mundane from an unfortunate death.

Of course, to actually DO this you need to pay attention to what’s going on outside your own segment of action. Thus there’s no “I’ve done my attack, now where’s the Mountain Dew?” Unless you’re so selfish you refuse to spend Victory Points on comrades in arms? Are you? Huh? Huh? Are ya?

Extra: Someone I know didn’t realize this, and wondered if it ought to be specified in the rules. I thought it was obvious, but maybe not. Opinions are welcome, either here or at the Victorious FB page.

Stay Safe, and Steady On!

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