Clockwork Monday: Monitor

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Here’s a (re)publication of the American hero(ine) Monitor. It was brought to my attention that the stats for Monitor in the Phantasmagoria left some important things off the statistics; such as actual Armor and Invulnerability — important for a battlesuit, no? So, without further ado here is the American armored titan of the Minutemen!

a large armored figure made of riveted plates, pistons, and a circular turret-like head with a single viewing porthole in the center of it.
Monitor copyright Mike Stewart, art by Cory Gelnett

Nom de Guerre: Monitor
Proper Name: Veronica Grimaldi

STR: 25 +6 (Prime)
INT: 20 +4 (Prime)
WIS: 12 +0
CON: 20 +4 (Prime)
DEX: 18 +3
CHA: 16 +2

Init: +0
Primes: Strength, Intelligence, Constitution
Actions: 1/round
AC: 13/23 (no DEX mod)
Hit Points: 40
Level 2
Alignment: Good/Minutemen
Victory Points: 1


Etiquette, Polite – Rank 1
Primes: (STR, CON)
Science: Steam, Mechanics, Electrics, Metallurgy

Supernatural Powers

Battlesuit “Steam Mechanism”
1 Climate Resistance
2 Super-Movement (Steam Jump) 30 feet
3 Invulnerability +3 vs suppression (vision, +3 vs magick/Psychic)
4 Blast 1d10, only fires every other round
5 Heightened Senses, +5 vision, 360 degree
6 Armor +11

Attributes – Rank 3
Invention – Rank 3
Knack +3 with punch, +2 with cannon


2X Magnetics
Enemy: Ghost Dancers
Looking for a Broom Closet
Odd Appearance (Iron Suit)
Phobia: Thrill Seeker
Secret Identity


Veronica Grimaldi was originally a young student of her father, a brilliant scientist working to advance understanding of electricity and its uses with mechanical apparatuses. With her father’s help, Veronica hit upon a method to polarize copper fibers embedded in aluminum to form extremely light, tough armor. She demonstrated the suit for her father’s friends at the University of Chicago, but the demonstration went very badly and she was dismissed as a “simple female”. Dejected at this, she was about to give up the whole idea when late one night a group of thugs broke into her father’s lab to steal the secret of the armor (secretly hired by one of the observing scientists from the local Mob Syndicate). During the robbery the villans killed Dr. Grimaldi and escaped police, but without the secret they wanted. Determined to make the killers pay, she refused to abandon the project. Penniless with her father’s death, she tried to rob a bank to fund her future work. Unfortunately she was caught by Thunderbolt and John Henry. While battling the two heroes, they made her see reason and abandon her attempt at crime and instead join them in their crusade against villany.


Veronica is a prim young lady in her early 20s, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Due to her ideas being dismissed as from a “mere woman”, the Monitor armor gives the appearance of being a man, and she has a vocal timbre unit to make her voice sound male while in the armor. At least now people would take her seriously! Currently only Motivator among the Minutemen knows she’s female, a secret Kim intends to keep as she’s all too aware of how women are treated in the 19th century.

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