Clockwork Mondays: Week 10

Here we are for the last Clockwork Monday, as we take our final character from the Capes & Clockwork “Superheroes in the Age of Steam” anthologies and post her here with Victorious game statistics. The last, you say? Well, the last for a bit at any rate. We may provide additional characters in the future from the Victorious RPG, but that will depend on reader reaction. As always, if any of the members of this rogue’s gallery sound interesting to you, then please visit the author pages for each post’s characters and let them know you enjoy their creations. Better yet, head over to Amazon, pick up a copy of Volumes 1 or 2 of the Capes & Clockwork books from Dark Oak Press and leave a review there if you’d like to see more! Until then, enjoy the Verdant Vigilante herself, The Dancer!*

*Dancer begs everyone to please not refer to her as the Verdant Vigilante, in the name of all that is good and pure. Thank you.

Patricia Hayes is another of those time-travelers from the 21st century who due to a mysterious event has arrived in the Victorian age. Indeed, it was due to her actions and those of her comrades that the era of SuperMankind was brought upon the Earth so suddenly and permanently. She had been a star of the New York City Ballet when her brother had been murdered while trying to purchase illegal drugs to feed his habits. Vowing revenge, she created the costumed identity of The Dancer to wage her war upon the underworld of Manhattan. During her career she met other super heroes such as Angel, Ironclad, Thunderbolt and others and together they made criminals tremble, be they in costumes or mundane clothing.

Later being brought against her will to the Victorian age (and unable to return) she has continued her crimefighting persona but now in London. Her costume has given way to light armor, both for increased protection and in an attempt to overcome some of the prejudice a woman in public life faces in the Nineteenth century. She and her allies saved Queen Victoria from the clockwork automaton Metallus and in gratitude Her Majesty granted them license to battle villainy in the British Empire as the Queen’s Knights. Granted a Peerage as well, The Dancer fights crime at night and during the day exercises her vote as the first woman to actually speak in the House of Lords; an act that suffragettes applaud and the male establishment derides. At least, they grumble about that ‘Wretched Woman’ in private, since Queen Victoria is not amused at those who deride a woman’s capacities overmuch.

The Dancer maintains a grim and humorless exterior when in costume, though this is less due to a lack of emotion than to defuse any patronizing of her abilities by men of authority. Her green leather and steel armor was built by Dr. Hunter and he is frequently providing updates to her equipment, so The Dancer may be encountered with new gear and weapons almost constantly. She is uncomfortable with firearms or missile weapons, as she prefers to use her martial arts whenever feasible. If hand-to-hand combat isn’t possible, then her grenades do the job quite nicely.

The Dancer

The Dancer, copyright Mike Stewart, art by Elizabeth Stewart
The Dancer, copyright Mike Stewart, art by Elizabeth Stewart

Nom du Guerre: The Dancer
Proper Name: Patricia Hayes
STR: 18  + 3
DEX: 23  + 5 (Prime)
CON: 18  + 3
INT: 14  +1
WIS: 15  +1
CHA: 14  +1 (Prime)

Init: +3
Actions: 3/2
AC: 13, +5 (Dodge)
Defensive: +6 Mystic, + 6 Suppression, +9 Temporal
Hit Points: 70
Level: 8
Alignment: Good Victory Points: 3


Acrobatics – Rank 1
Criminology – Rank 1
Etiquette – Rank 1 (Polite)
Law – Rank 1 (UK)
Linguist – Rank 2 (French, Japanese)
Martial Arts – Rank 1
Prime – Rank 2 (Dexterity, Charisma)
Roguery – Rank 1
Targeting – Rank 1
Thespian – Rank 1 (Dancing)

Supernatural Powers

Attribute – Rank 3 ( + 15 bonus)
Healing – Rank 2 (self)
Intuition – Rank 2
Invisibility – Rank 2 (Psychic only)
Invulnerability – Rank 3 ( + 3 Temporal, +6 Mystic)
Lightning Speed – Rank 1

Packages: Battle Suit – Rank 4
Entrapment – Rank 2 (Stun Grenades, Constitution)
Invulnerability – Rank 4 (+6 Temporal, +6 Suppression)
Keen Senses – Rank 2 (Sight, Ultraviolet Vision)


Dependent Mundane – Rank 1 (Eric, her 8-year old son)
Enemy – Rank 2 (Moloch)
Looking for a Broom Closet
Notorious – Rank 2
Prior Engagement – Rank 2
Secret Identity
Sidekick (The Unicorn)
Watched (Scotland Yard)

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