Clockwork Mondays: Week 8

It’s now our eighth installment of the “Clockwork Mondays,” where we take the primary character(s) from the Capes & Clockwork “Superheroes in the Age of Steam” anthologies and post them here with Victorious game statistics. We’re almost at the end of our series, and we hope you’ll find a use for any or all of these characters in your home games. If any of the members of this rogue’s gallery sound interesting to you, then please visit the author pages for each post’s characters and let them know you enjoy their creations. Better yet, head over to Amazon, pick up a copy of Volumes 1 or 2 of the Capes & Clockwork books from Dark Oak Press and leave a review there if you’d like to see more!

Marcia Barber is a young doll-maker who lives with her friend the linguist Nora Rupprecht in a small frontier town somewhere to the west of Memphis and the Mississippi River. Until recently she had been making her living crafting dolls, with fine gowns and costumes to please both children and collectors alike. Yet when Marcia’s fiancé James Miller – the town policeman – informed her of the police’s inability to stop the kidnapping of children from the town, Marcia knew she had to do something. Since doll making was what she knew, she built dolls with tiny clockwork brains to search for the missing children and return them to their homes. Will she succeed? Will the kidnapper discover Marcia’s connection to any liberated children? Only the future (and Capes & Clockwork Volume 1) can tell!

The Dollmaker

A young woman wearing magnifying glasses and a work apron filled with sewing implements and other tools carefully sculpts a tiny doll's head
The Dollmaker copyright Herika R Raymer, art by Sarah White

Nom de Guerre: None currently, possibly “Dollmaker”
Proper Name: Marcia Barber

STR: 8 -1
INT: 17 +2
WIS: 19 +3
CON: 13 +1
DEX: 18 +3 (Prime)
CHA: 14 +1 (Prime)

Init: +0
Actions: 1/round
AC: 10
Defensive: –
Hit Points: 29
Level: 2
Alignment: Good
Victory Points: 3


History/Legend: region
Primes (Dexterity, Charisma)
Profession: Dollmaker, Seamstress – Rank 2

Supernatural Powers

Invention – Rank 4 (cost 2, limited to Dolls only)
–Create Golem/Doll (HD 4, or 2 with HD 2, etc.; follows simple orders; 10% chance of gaining sentience)
–Luck: Rank 4, 1 to each doll
–Knack: +3 to dolls navigating

Knack: +6 to mechanical checks or saves
Dolls (on hand): 2 dolls (HD 2, AC 14; HP 8 each; DMG 1-3; Move 20’ due to small size)


Dependent Mundane (James Miller, policeman)
Dependent Mundane: Nora Rupprecht the linguist
Phobia: Unprepossessing
Phobia: Protective of children
2X damage from Temporal attacks

Herika R Raymer’s author page:

Sarah White’s DeviantArt page:

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