Domesday issue 9: The Virtuous, the Vaunted, and the Vile

Greetings to the Victorious Assembly of Heroes and Heroines on the Aetherwebs!

The Domesday magazine, a e-publication of the Castles & Crusades Society, is now out for free download. A new column has been added to the ‘zine called The Virtuous, the Vaunted, and the Vile: A Survey of Superhumankind, and it’s a collection of Victorious heroes and villains for your perusal and use in your own chronicles. The main author is Kevin Morton, a veteran of the rigors of the Victorious play-testing over the past decade and is showing his own style with these new characters!

You’ll find the column on page 89 of the Domesday PDF. Give it a look over, and please comment on the V3 column either here or at the Domesday site.

Your Servant,

Genteel Magistrate


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