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An insightful gamer asked me about how the Fatigue rules in Victorious work when broken down to specific powers and abilities. To provide examples, I threw together the list below.

Please note: There are 3 types of answers here. “Yes” means use the Fatigue rules (use of ability = Control Attribute as per rulebook), “No” (does not cause fatigue), and “Special” (may or may not depending on power).

‘Control Attribute’ means the pertinent attribute that is generally applied to a given power. This is subject to GM approval, as your Genteel Magistrate might have different ideas of what control attributes are in her chronicle.

Supernatural Power Fatigue Special Notes Control Attribute
Armor No none Constitution
Absorption Yes none Constitution
Appendage No none Strength
Attribute Special As per use of attributes as normal  –
Blast Yes none Constitution
Climate Resistance No none Constitution
Elasticity Yes none Dexterity
Entrap Yes none As per Entrapment chosen (see rules)
Etherealness No none Constitution
Force Screen Yes none Wisdom
Gigantism Special Only when first activated Constitution
Healing Yes none Charisma
Intuition No none Wisdom
Invisibility Special Only when first activated Dexterity
Invulnerability No none Constitution
Keen Senses No none Wisdom
Knack No none Intelligence
Lightning Speed Yes none Dexterity
Luck No none Charisma
Mass Variation Yes none Constitution
Might No none Strength
Mesmerism Special Only when first activated Charisma
Phantasms Yes none Wisdom
Potence No none Constitution
Probability Manipulation Yes none Intelligence
Psycho-Kinesis Yes none Wisdom
Reflection Yes none Constitution
Replication Yes none Constitution
Robust No none Constitution
Shapeshift Special Only when first activated Constitution
Shrink Special Only when first activated Constitution
Spider Climb Special Only when first activated Dexterity
Super-Movement Yes none Constitution
Suppression Yes none Depends on power or attribute suppressed
Telepathy Yes none Intelligence
Translocation Yes none Constitution

There are two ways for heroes to avoid the problems of Fatigue beyond simply buying up your pertinent attribute score. If your GM permits, a hero can purchase the limitation of a set number of uses for the power. That way, it has its own Fatigue battery and is isolated from the heroine’s attribute score. This is good for powers dependent on a gadget or some contraption that has its own battery.

The other variant to Fatigue is putting a rank of a given power towards Fatigue resistance. With that, the power’s use does not take away control attribute points as normal Fatigue.

For example: White Frost has bought 3 ranks of Blast. Normally this means his blast would do either 3d6, 2d8, or 1d10 damage chosen at character generation. However, he can limit that power to 2 ranks (2d6 or 1d8) and put the third rank toward “no Fatigue” so the blast doesn’t affect his Constitution (control attribute for blast) score for Fatigue.

Naturally it depends on what kind of chronicle your Genteel Magistrate is running but hopefully this will clear up some of the confusion in the use of Fatigue to supernatural powers.

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