Blake’s 7 Victorious: Classes Part I

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It took a little time, but this one is getting in right before the year’s end…which is close enough right? ☺ Below are the first three B7 classes (Dilettante, Functionary, Pirate) with their accompanying special skills, and the remaining 4 should go up within a week or so. Enjoy!

Dilettante (Charisma)

Dilettantes are the rich and powerful of the galaxy, be they the aristocrats of planets, board directors, members of the corporate world, or counselors of the Terran Federation. As such, they are in a unique position to influence events around them. Yet even when one falls, those skills and talents remain.

Primes: Charisma
Hit Dice: D4

Level Experience HD BtH
1 0 1D4 +1
2 1101 2D4 +1
3 2201 3D4 +2
4 4401 4D4 +2
5 8801 5D4 +3
6 16601 6D4 +3
7 33201 7D4 +4
8 66401 8D4 +4
9 132801 9D4 +5
10 265001 10D4 +5

Contacts (Charisma): Part of being among the wealthy and powerful is developing a network of contacts to obtain favors from. These can be relations, colleagues, or others the dilettante might have done favors for in the past, and can be called upon on occasion as the need arises. Whenever a dilettante is in a new social situation, they can make a Charisma check to see if by virtue of name dropping or even meeting one of their contacts they can smooth any awkward situation the dilettante might find himself or herself in.

“Old Money” (Charisma): This skill goes beyond the normal purchased skills of Etiquette: Polite and Wealthy noted in the Victorious rulebook. This is a nearly unconscious knowledge and use of manners and behavior to not only appear as a higher class than others around them, but also to intimidate others at need. A Charisma check is used in such situations to insure a suitable result for the dilettante.

Diversified Portfolio (Wisdom; Level 5): This represents the movement of funds into hidden accounts or stashes that might not be legal, but are a way for the dilettante to keep his funds flowing and taxes to a minimum. On a successful Wisdom check (Challenge Level equal to the Legal level of a planet) to access funds equal to their Wealthy skill rank as credit.

Functionary (any)

Most citizens of the Terran Federation are counted as functionaries; what an earlier era would have called “white collar” workers. They do their menial office work, and do it regularly enough to get a paycheck and maintain their humble lifestyles.

Primes: Any
Hit Dice: D6

Level Experience HD BtH
1 0 1D6 +1
2 1001 2D6 +1
3 2001 3D6 +1
4 4001 4D6 +2
5 8001 5D6 +2
6 16001 6D6 +2
7 32001 7D6 +3
8 64001 8D6 +3
9 128001 9D6 +3
10 256001 10D6 +4

Bureaucracy (Intelligence): This ability represents the functionary’s talent to navigate the often-complicated paths of paperwork, lines, and approvals to function in a modern (28th century) society. With a successful Intelligence check the functionary can reduce times needed for obtaining licenses, approvals, or removal of sanctions by ½.

Unobtrusive (Wisdom): Most functionaries in the Terran Federation have made a fine art of not being noticed. This isn’t a sort of invisibility, simply that the functionary has developed an ability to blend into a crowd to such an extent that they seem to disappear from sight. A successful Wisdom check (CL set by the GM) will allow the functionary to become virtually unnoticeable in any congregation of people. This ability includes cameras, monitors, and other electronic spying devices, though a crowd must be available in the first place to use this ability.

Blame-Thrower (Charisma; Level 5): With this ability the functionary has learned the obscure art of covering herself from negative consequences in their actions. Upon a successful Charisma check, a functionary of 5th or higher level can convince NPCs around them that they are in fact not responsible for a given action or event; challenge level set by the GM. This ability can be used once per game session at 5th level, twice at 10th.

Pirate (Dexterity)

For most of mankind’s history, whenever there has been trade there has been someone willing to use force to take goods and valuables from another. On land these types are called bandits. On the oceans or in deep space, they are called Pirates. Criminals, outlaws, and generally a wretched hive of scum and villainy are the watchwords for this type of person. Watch your back, because they certainly are!

Primes: Dexterity
Hit Dice: D8

Level Experience HD BtH
1 0 1D8 +1
2 1501 2D8 +1
3 3001 3D8 +2
4 6001 4D8 +2
5 12001 5D8 +3
6 24001 6D8 +3
7 48001 7D8 +4
8 96001 8D8 +4
9 192001 9D8 +5
10 384001 10D8 +5

Boarding Parties (Dexterity): Pirate characters can, upon a successful Dexterity check, engage in either martial arts, melee, or firearms as 2 levels higher (BTH+2) if the combat is engaged in a hostile boarding action, either attacking or defending.

Looting (Wisdom): Pirates are notorious for finding any and all loot sequestered away on a captured Free Trader or Gunboat. With a successful Wisdom check, the pirate can find secret panels or hidden compartments that most people wouldn’t catch within a ship or base structure.

Watching your Back (Wisdom; Level 5): Part of the pirate’s life is dealing with fellow pirates. As noted earlier, they are a nasty and brutish lot, so pirates have to develop a keen sense of self-preservation by watching for power shifts among crew and planned betrayals at the drop of the proverbial hat. Anyone attempting a surprise attack on a pirate must roll twice on the  roll and take the worse of the two numbers when determining surprise.

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