Wonder Woman Victorious!

Like many others, I enjoyed the 2017 Wonder Woman movie with its excellent portrayal of a naive Amazon and her using her powers to benefit mankind. I especially enjoyed the setting of the First World War, as that is only a handful of years beyond the Victorious RPG setting. Thus I humbly provide the following statistics for a Victorious Wonder Woman!

Bringing a Wonder Woman to your Chronicle:

Only a few small changes to the movie storyline could bring this powerhouse of an Amazon to your Victorious RPG chronicle. Since Steve Trevor is critical to bringing Wonder Woman to “Man’s World”, it is no stretch to believe an American would be working for/with the British. The last quarter of the nineteenth century saw a rise in the idea of “Anglo-Saxon Solidarity”, with the USA and Great Britain assumed to be blood allies against the Latins (France/Italy/Spain), Teutons (Germany/Austria), and the Slavs (Russia/Balkans). Having him on the run from ‘enemy’ soldiers and ships could fit the narrative and still be quite plausible. Other ideas follow below:

  • Perhaps Steve Trevor is working for American Military Intelligence (Naval Office) against the Spanish in the Spanish-American War of 1898? He could be fleeing Spanish ships trying to sail for the Suez Canal and thus to the Pacific in order to aid the Spanish fleet at Manila Bay?
  • If more European machinations are desired, then Trevor could be working for the British during the Fashoda Crisis of 1898, and the French fleet is discovered by him to be preparing a sneak attack on Malta or Egypt. In the 1890s an Anglo-French war would have quickly brought Russia into the conflict as France’s ally, and thus be quite destructive in its own way.
  • Speaking of the Russian Empire, there were always schemes in the Kremlin to seize the city of Istanbul (Constantinople) and bring Russian power into the Greek isles and Mediterranean. A British agent might be fleeing one step ahead of the Russian cruisers to bring secret plans to London of a Russian attack on Egypt to break the Suez Canal, Russian armies preparing to march on India, a Franco-Russian plan to launch a sudden ‘Bolt from the Blue’ in an invasion of the British Isles! This could cover from 1878 to 1904, and thus be an ever-present danger.

Wonder Woman character sheet front for Victorious

Wonder Woman is copyright William Moulton and DC Comics. No copyright infringement is intended by this homage.

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