Time Flies…?

Long time no see—

I was thinking to myself that I needed to post on the blog since it had been over a week since I’d last posted. So, I got on to take a look…and saw it was over 3 weeks!  I’ll try to make sure things don’t sneak up on me again like this. Maybe I’ll get a chance to post some of the latest Victorious projects I’ve been working on. Keep your Aetheric Transmitters tuned in!

In brief, FenCon went as expected, with my running the Evil in the White City: The Articulator adventure. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and even though my back gave me hell the next day (since I GM standing) it was still worth it.

Since then, The Humble Bundle Victorious was participating in closed at over $120,000.00! Which is great not just for the game but also for Old School gaming in general. Shows our little corner of the TTRPG hobby still has legs!

More once I have something to chat about in detail,

Genteel Magistrate


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