Clockwork Mondays: Week 7

This week will be a slight diversion from the Capes & Clockwork anthologies to one of my favorite villains of my Victorious chronicle, Doctor Golgotha. Plus since it’s nearing Halloween, it seems only appropriate. But don’t worry, we’ll be back to showcasing the various heroes of Dark Oak Press next week!

By the end of the 1880s Gothenburg Steel and Shipyard was a major company throughout Scandinavia and its environs. Its owner Viduk Gothenburg had plans to become the steel manufacturer across Northern Europe, and from there who knew? Wealth meant power, and Gothenburg loved both.

Then the Queen’s Knights appeared, and the idea of SuperMankind was brought to public attention. Viduk had always been a member of the Thule movement, and a strong believer in Eugenics, as well as the superiority of the Aryan peoples. Now, there seemed to be physical proof of all that he’d believed in!

There was just one problem. He didn’t have these powers. No matter what he did, scientists or mystics he patronized, none of them could give him what he wanted. In a fit of pique, he hired villains to capture some of the Knights so that he could experiment on them. Perhaps a blood transfusion would transmit the power? Or maybe being in proximity with them over time? He was willing to try anything, and anything was the key.

Yet his plans failed, and the Knights freed their comrades and put him in a Swedish prison. He escaped, and continued his quest for SuperMankind for himself. He even stole the Invisible Man from a prison cell and synthesized his invisibility formula. Rather than wait for it to be tested, Viduk drank it himself, and suffered the consequences. The serum partially worked in that his flesh and blood became invisible. His skeleton was still quite visible however, and what little sanity Gothenburg possessed snapped.

Styling himself Doctor Golgotha for the Biblical hill of skulls where Christ was crucified and near where Armageddon would occur, the madman bent all his endeavors to insure the end of the world would come; on his terms.

Doctor Golgotha is the stereotypical madman determined to rule the world. He believes only his genius, power, charisma, insightfulness, and most of all modesty can save the world from inevitable ruin. He frequently will monologue to heroes whenever he can, and revels in elaborate death traps to punish his foes in the most fiendish ways possible. No matter his defeats, he is sublim

ely convinced that they are mere temporary sidetracks to his inevitable triumph. Like most would-be dictators, he also is determined to find a wife “worthy” of him, a member of SuperMankind of course. Perhaps one of the young heroines of the Supernature might fit the bill?

Thanks to the formula, there really is no more Viduk Gothenburg, only Dr. Golgotha. He wears a double-breasted black uniform with silver buttons and epaulettes. His belt has skulls around its length, and a black hood obscures his face with a silver skull over the eye holes.

Doctor Golgotha

Doctor Golgotha, copyright Mike Stewart, art by Sarah White
Doctor Golgotha, copyright Mike Stewart, art by Sarah White

Nom de Guerre: Doctor Golgotha
Proper Name: Viduk G. Gothenburg

Strength: 18 +3 (Prime)
Intelligence: 16 +2 (Prime)
Wisdom: 12 (Prime)
Constitution: 17 +2
Dexterity: 21 +4 (Prime)
Charisma: 18 +3 (Prime)

INIT: +0
Actions: 1 per round
AC: 23, +4 (Dodge), +10 (Force Screen)
Defensive: none
Hit Points: 49
Level: 7
Alignment: Evil


Etiquette – Rank 1 (Polite)
Martial Arts – Rank 1
Melee – Rank 1
Prime – Rank 5 (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma)
Science – Rank 1 (Mechanics)
Wealthy – Rank 3

Supernatural Powers

Skull Gadgets (Battle Suit) – Rank 4

Armor – Rank 2 (+13 AC)
Blast – Rank 2 (1D8, radius, Dexterity save for half damage)
Force Screen – Rank 2
Mesmerism – Rank 2

Attribute – Rank 1
Invention – Rank 4


Enemy – Rank 2 (Queen’s Knights)
Odd Appearance (Skull under hood)
Phobia (Megalomania)
Prior Engagment
Weakness (Double damage from magick)


Pistol, with micro-rocket bullets (2d8 damage, 10 shots)

Sarah White’s DeviantArt page:


This character is copyright 2018 Mike Stewart, All rights and stuff reserved


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  1. Just one note: Golgotha is the “Hill of Skulls” where Christ was crucified, also known as Calvary. Armageddon takes place at the Valley of Megiddo.

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