Clockwork Mondays, Week 2

Here is the next installment of the “Clockwork Mondays”, as we continue to take the primary character(s) from the Capes & Clockwork “Superheroes in the Age of Steam” anthologies and posting them here with Victorious game statistics, for your reading pleasure. Feel free to use any or all of them in your home games, and if they sound interesting to you please visit the author pages for each post’s characters and let them know you enjoy their creations. Better yet, head over to Amazon, pick up a copy of Volumes 1 or 2 of the Capes & Clockwork books from Dark Oak Press and leave a review!

Tamm is a fierce warrior with a mysterious past, a mocha-skinned goddess raised by the jungle and returned to a civilization she neither knows nor likes. Although raised in the wild and violent jungle, a kind-hearted (?) soul plucked her from her primeval home and took her to London, then tried to educate her with the clothing, graces, and demeanor of a young socialite. Alas, Tamm was no Eliza Doolittle with interest in becoming a lady, and she eventually escaped into the cobblestone labyrinthine streets of the Victorian East End. She now prowls the night in her new wilderness, fighting and killing at need to make it her own.

Tamm, copyright Sean Taylor
Tamm copyright Sean Taylor, art by Sarah White


Nom de Guerre: Tamm
Proper Name: ?

STR: 16 +2 (Prime)
INT: 13 +1
WIS: 18 +3 (Prime)
CON: 18 +3 (Prime)
DEX: 20 +4 (Prime)
CHA: 13 +1

Init: +4
Actions: 3/2 round
AC: 14
Defensive: –
Hit Points: 41
Level 4
Alignment: Neutral


Martial Arts
Melee – Rank 2
Primes (Strength, Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity)
Survival: Tropical, Urban

Supernatural Powers

Theme: Wild Heritage Rank 2
Climate Resistance – Rank 1
Intuition – Rank 1
Keen senses – +5 smell
Lightning Speed – Rank 1
Attribute – Rank 2
Knack – +3 to Tracking


Inhuman (Has trouble understanding human society)


Tattered clothes
Marsium Sword (+2, on a natural 20 get another attack)

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