How Invisible is Invisible Anyway?

The Invisibility Supernatural power in the Victorious RPG is one of those nebulous abilities that leave a certain amount of vagueness in the minds of players and Genteel Magistrates alike. In order to provide some unofficial guidance, I will list some questions below and how I resolve them in my home chronicle.

Q: Does everything being worn or held by a heroine go invisible when she does?
A: Everything in contact with the character, to the equivalent of half her own body weight, will become invisible when she does. These clothes or items will remain invisible so long as they are in contact with the heroine. Anything obtained after this will be visible unless the Invisible character deactivates the power and reactivates it after holding or wearing said item; again up to the weight allowance.

Q: What if the Invisibility is provided by a gadget or battle suit?
A: Naturally if the Invisibility power is granted by such a device or outfit the weight of the item isn’t part of the weight allowance. Again, since the character in question is wearing/using the item they are considered the baseline for weight and wearing of items, not the item itself.

Q: What if an Invisible hero activates a Force Screen? Is it invisible too?
A: Only if the Force Screen reserved a power slot to provide this effect. Remember that all powers (save Invisibility itself) have obvious power effects, even mesmeric power types. Now since Force Screen isn’t an attack the hero himself will still be Invisible, but the screen isn’t.

Q: What if I purchased the Invisibility power but reserved an additional slot to use on one other person?
A: Then both people are invisible, pending attacks or other mode of turning off the power. However, the second person must remain within 10 feet of the heroine making her friend invisible. This distance can be doubled for an additional Supernatural power slot.

Q: Can an Invisible heroine see a villain if he’s invisible too?
A: No, unlike Etherealness Invisibility power is obscuring other’s sense of sight not traveling into a different mode of existence. For that matter, an Invisible hero cannot see his own hands or feet much less those of another invisible person. Though a GM might allow someone (depending on their back story) to use their Invisibility ranks to negate another Invisible target. However, such a feat would require a check on the appropriate attribute and a touch attack.

Q: What if an Invisible hero eats something while invisible? Will the food be visible throughout its journey?
A: (best Monty Python voice) “Stop that, it’s silly!” Go ask your GM.

Feel free to ask any questions that you have but weren’t answered above, either here or on the Facebook Victorious Steampunk RPG group!

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