Off to North Texas RPG Con!

Greetings all,


Sorry for the delay in posting, but we’ve been prepping to go to the North Texas RPG Con, and as usual we’re taking the whole house and the kitchen sink. Not to mention I’ve been prepping for my Victorious game I’m running Friday from 1-6pm. This game is a little different than my usual games…

…because people are playing villains! That’s right, the players will each play a villainous character from either the Victorious rulebook or the Phantasmagoria SuperMankind tome. These 8 characters are hired by a shadowy figure to find and kill Professor James Moriarty; if they can! From the speed in which the seats filled up for the game, I think people find the different tone of this scenario exciting.

I’ll give a full report when we return. If you’re going to be at the convention, stop by Liz’s artist guest table and say “Hi!” Look for the couple in the top hat and bowler…. We’re easy to find!


Genteel Magistrate

aka Mike Stewart


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