Greetings, all!

As you can see we have our very own website now thanks to the supremely talented mind behind Mudpuppy Multimedia, Jim Wampler! This site will be a source for news events, articles, and spirited discussion for the Victorious roleplaying game. As we roll on into the future we intend to provide all sorts of information and extras for use with Victorious, but also easily usable with your own favorite Steampunk or Superhero RPG.

For the first post, we are pleased to announce that the game successfully debuted at this year’s Gen Con even as our kickstarter backers were beginning to receive their books at home. Now that all of the pledges have been fulfilled, Victorious and its supplements are available now for purchase on the Troll Lord Games’ online store, as well as at DrivethruRPG and RPGNow

So grab your top hat, corset, or sword cane…as we drive ahead full steam for the future!

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