Victorious at FenCon!

We’ve been busy this fall with running demo games and spreading the word about Victorious—so busy, in fact, that we’re sorely behind on writing up con reports. But we’re buckling down now and getting the news to you! So first, the Victorious Experience at FenCon.

FenCon is a multi-media convention held in the Dallas/Fort Worth area yearly in September that we’ve attended many times in the past. Its original motto is: “Of the Fen, By the Fen, For the Fen” and it is very much a fan-centric experience not to be missed. Local talent is showcased alongside bigger names in the science-fiction and fantasy publishing industry, along with yearly Guests of Honor including a Science Guest of Honor. Because FenCon doesn’t just promote fiction and fantasy, they celebrate scientists, astronauts, and men and women who further the quest for knowledge. FenCon is a pretty special gathering, and we’re extremely lucky to have it in our relative backyard.

This year, I was honored to be asked to the convention as a gaming guest and to run Victorious. I had initially promised to run three four-hour sessions over the weekend, but those plans had to be altered at the last minute due to being scheduled to speak in a couple of panels during the planned Sunday afternoon session. To anyone who had hoped to play with us on Sunday, my sincere apologies. The panels Liz and I were asked to be on involved both podcasting and fiction/gaming world development. Both were a lot of fun, and had great question and answer chats. My apologies to the Classic Traveller fan I spoke to at the latter seminar, because I apparently missed a fist-bump. Sir, as a fellow CT enthusiast I must say bravo and consider the gesture returned!

We were a little taken aback at how few people were even aware of the game’s existence, despite it having been in print now for over a year. But interest was high, and we sold several copies of the rulebook over the weekend. Highlights of the sessions involved some truly fantastic roleplaying by young Robby Mitchell, who played the mysterious sorcerer Javier Black; quick thinking and creative usage of marbles by Daniel Barnett playing Lilith Pinkerton or “Lily the Pink”; and the stalwart doggedness of Tommy Zolman who ran big-game hunter Harold Langston. Langston was nearly a victim of the aforementioned marbles, but managed to overcome! All of our players were top-notch, and we hope to be able to see them at a gaming table again in the future.

It was a fantastic weekend. We connected with old friends, and made several new ones. We got to sling dice around a gaming table, and talk about the things which make us happy. And we can’t wait to do it all again next year.

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